Signs Your Heating System Needs a Repair

Your heating system is one of the most important systems in your home, however not all of us pay attention to it until we need it during the coldest part of the year and we realize it’s not working anymore.

Having no heat during winter is really stressful. You might not noticed but your heating systems might have showed you signs that it already needs a repair from Heating Company In Lynnwood Wa. In order for you to avoid buying again, here are the signs of a faulty heating system.  

Heating System 

Strange and Loud Noises 

A heating system make natural noises when it’s operating but you can easily identify the unnatural sounds from what aren’t. If your hear any clanking, whizzing, scraping, groaning, banging and squeaking or any other strange sounds it means that it has a soot buildup or damaged parts that prevent it from working properly.  


Air Quality Drops 

If you noticed a drop on the air quality a heater produces, it might be because it transmits mold and mildew into the air. The house will feel dusty even if it’s always clean or your family members start to cough and wheeze, call professionals right away. Neglecting this sign will put your family’s health into danger.  

Spikes in Energy Bills 

The furnace might take too much of energy when there’s a dramatic increase in your energy bills. Always observe your electric bills because a consumption spike can mean that the heating system is already faulty.  

You Always Turn Up the Heat 

If you always turn the temperature higher but still doesn’t receive the warmth you want, this is an obvious sign that you need to repair the heating system because it’s clearly not working properly.  

Signs of Damaged Furnace Heat Exchanger 

When the heat exchange on a furnace becomes damaged it can result to serious consequences.  

Visual Metal Cracks  

Inspect the heat exchanger, if there are cracks in the metal it means that it is already damaged. However if you don’t notice any visual damage, have it inspected by a professional.  

Buildup and Discoloration 

When there are cracks in a heat exchanger, the soot will seep and discolor the metal. It will result to soot buildup around the crack site or you will then notice darker spots than the rest of the metal.  

Difference in Furnace Flame 

If the heat exchanger is damaged, the flame can change if the fresh air mixes with combustion air. If you think there is really damage on the furnace, initiate the furnace and observe its flame. If you notice that the flame dances and jumps after the blower fan has been turned on, then the heat exchanger is already damaged.  

Carbon Monoxide Detection 

If you get an alarm that carbon monoxide has been detected, there’s a great possibility that the heat exchanger is broken. The product of the combustion process is carbon monoxide and it seeps through the cracks of the heat exchanger. You better call the fire department right away.