Washing the stuff like clothes, blankets, and bed sheets could be very tiring and need a lot of effort to remove that dirt and stain there. Sometimes, there would be a lot of dust that makes it very hard to wash. It is the same thing of cleaning to your carpet cleaning Middlesbrough. You can hire or get someone to do it for your or you may bring your clothes and other sheets to the nearest laundry shops in your area. Especially that now it is very easy to do it as there are many laundry shops that cater to walk-in washing. It means that you will just put your clothes into the washing machine and after that, you need to wait only for several minutes and then you can get it as a clean and dry type of washing. This is the very common now to all the shops near to schools and offices. Instant was and clean and ready to be used and wear. But of course, if you are just a person who stays at home or you are a housewife and you don’t have anything to do except cleaning the house and prepare everything for your family. Then, washing the clothes and other things can be done by yours. As sometimes, you don’t need to wash by machine the expensive kinds of clothing brands or clothes that you have as it may have damaged and it creates the start of loosening up the thread of the clothes. Here are some of the quickest guide that you can follow and do for washing your blanket.  


  1. You need to have a tub or a basin that can fit the blanket to be washed. Fill it with enough water. First, you have to wash the blanket with water and then that after doing such a thing. You need to fill again the basin with water and soap. This time, you may leave them for about 30 minutes to fully soak the soap to the blanket and it will be easy to remove the stain and the dirt. You don’t need to brush the blanket or scrub it. Just do it gently by using your hands to rub the blanket. Next thing is to remove the water from the blanket by pressing it using your both hands. Finally, you have to rinse your blanket for at least three times. This will ensure that there will be no soap or debris of soap remained there. You don’t want to end up smelling the blanket like a soap. After rinsing it, you may soak the blanket in the water with fabric conditioner. You may choose the one that smells good on you.  
  2. If you want to use the washing machine to wash the blanket. Make sure that the blanket can fit there well. Before putting the blanket to the machine. Try to remove the dust by shaking it. Add detergent soap to the washing machine and then don’t forget to add the fabric conditioner as well. Then choose the cycle on the machine by pressing it.